Camila Torres is a fun, outgoing, and righteous girl. She is no-doubt played by her friends and defended by their convictions. Maxi and Francesca are her close friends. Camila dreams of becoming a successful singer and recognized. She's very talented, but she knows she has not yet achieved artistic maturity necessary to make the leap to success which is the reason why she dresses different a lot.


Broudey (Crush)


She is funny, outgoing, righteous and she falls in love easily. Sometimes she talk without thinking, so some people doesn't like that from her. Camila does anything for her friends and sometimes defend them. She changes her clothing style a lot, but her main style is Hippie.


Violetta CastilloEdit

Main article: Vamila

Violetta and Camila are close friends. They have their first met is the episode 6, when Violetta and Ramallo visited the Studio. She and Francesca was walking, but stumbled with Violetta and they ask her if she gonna enter the Studio 21. At the first season, Camila and Violetta is seems like just close friends, but both they are Francesca's best friends.


Main article: Camcesca

At the first episode, when they don't have met Violetta yet, the two are best friends with Maxi and they are in the same group. She and Francesca spend a lot time together and Camila help Francesca with her love story with Tomas. She and Francesca stumbled with Violetta and they met her. Later, the two with Maxi tried to convinced and helped Violetta to do the audition to enter the Studio.


Main article: Caxi

Maxi is Camila's best friend. They work together in the song Always Dancing. In an episode, Maxi accompanied Camila to a recording studio and he supports he to sign the contract. But soon, Violetta called Maxi to tell him that the contract is trap and that Camila shouldn't sign it.


  • She changes her style a lot. At the first episode, she mentioned she dressed like a pop star, and she dressed in the same episode like a Hippie, later Gothic and Punk.
  • As we can see in almost all episodes, her main style is Hippie.
  • Sometimes she does very crazy things.
  • She can calculate with really big numbers very easy and exactly.

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