Good Luck Charlie - 1x06 (Charlie Did It!)18:50

Good Luck Charlie - 1x06 (Charlie Did It!)

Charlie Did It S01 E06

Teddy is supposed to be watching Gabe and Charlie, they make a huge mess in the kitchen. Amy prohibits Teddy to go a party she was invited to and Gabe is not allowed to use any kind of electronics for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, Teddy goes to the store, Gabe tags along. At the store, Charlie steals a pair of sunglasses at a grocery store. The rude owner Hugo, (Larry Joe Campbell), "arrests" her. Teddy and Gabe are in desperate need to leave. Teddy befriends Alice, (Hayley Holmes), a grocery store employee who gets fired after helping them escape. Back the Duncan residence, PJ and Emmett try to create a jingle for Bob's extermination business.

Teddy is speaking on the phone about her party. Then mom walked into the kitchen. Teddy walked into the kitchen as her mom said. Teddy then said its like a chocolate bomb has blew up. Then Gabe said that Charlie did it and Charlie Pointed to Gabe to say that he did it. Then Gabe was grounded from any electronic devices and Teddy had to watch Gabe. Meanwhile Bob needed to write a jingle. PJ offered to help Bob said ok. PJ and Emmett were thinking what to do. Then Amy said that she did a jingle at high school.

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