Francesca  is Violetta's best friend. She was born in Italy, like her brother Luca, who runs family business of Resto Bar. She is in love with Tomas, but he only sees her as a friend. Francesca also attends to Studio 21, along with Camila and Maxi.

Francesca is portrayed by Lodovica Comello.


Tomas Heredia (Ex Crush)

Broudey (Ex Crush)


Francesca is a good friend. She is very self-sacrificing, especially for her best friends, Camila, Violetta, Tomas and Maxi. She can be jealous at times but often her feelings will go after a while as shown with becoming best friends with Violetta.


Violetta CastilloEdit

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Violetta is Francesca's best friend. At first, Francesca it's jealous with Violetta because Tomas like her and he doesn't have feeling with her. In the episode 23, Francesca let Violetta sing with Tomas because she knows that she'll never have chance to be with Tomas.

Tomas HerediaEdit

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Tomas is Francesca's close friend who she developed feelings for, but as Tomas was falling for Violetta, Tomas dismissed her feelings and said it was best if they remained friends.

Camila TorresEdit

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She is Francesca's best friend along with Maxi. Camila knows that Francesca is in love with Tomas, so sometimes she gave her some advice.


Maxi is ones of Francesca's close friends. She, Maxi and Camila are working on the song "Always Dancing". At ones of the first episode, Francesca, Maxi and Camila seems like best friends until when Violetta comes.


  • Francesca is the only Italian girl on Violetta.
  • It's possible that she wrote the song Ti Credo (an Italian version of "I Love You").
  • She gets jealous very easily.
  • She's allergic to cats.
  • She's the only that has a name that begins with "F".
  • In Disney Channel Latin America, there's a spin-off called "El V-log de Francesca" (Francesca's V-log) and it's starring by Lodovica Comello, who plays Francesca on the series. There is a total of 16 episode. Most in all episode, Francesca count everything that is happen on the Studio 21 and at the final, she give an advice for something that is relevant to the episode. It's possible that this spin-off it's reference to Teddy's videos diaries (from Good Luck Charlie).
    File:El V-log de Francesca.jpg
  • Her surname is Cauviglia.
  • She came to Buenos Aires when she was young. At first, she didn't like her new life in Argentina. But soon she finds the Studio 21, so she start to love her new life and she doesn't wanna move from Buenos Aires because all the things she loves are there.