Mary Lou Wentz

Mary Lou Wentz

Amy Duncan and Mary Lou have quite an interesting bond. Both of them are the kind of moms who has a lot going on in their heads. For example, one time when they found out in the episode Butt Dialing Duncans that both of their daughters had lied to them about being cool just to go to the movies so Mary Lou and Amy came up with a ridiculous idea which also worked. They showed up at the movie theaters in the young youth type of clothing and acted that they were hyper and cool moms which totally humiliated Ivy and Teddy. Also, both of them seems to think that each is annoying. Amy thinks Mary Lou is annoying because she is too perky. Mary Lou somehow thinks that Amy is just annoying after figuring out that Amy thinks she's perky. For instance, when Teddy had no place to study and mentioned that she tried her own house but it didn't work out, Mary Lou suggested that Amy was the one who kept interrupting.

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