Maximiliano "Maxi" Ponte is a student at Studio 21. He is best friends with Francesca and Camila and later becomes friends with Violetta. He is especially good at dancing and hip-hop music. He falls in love with a girl named Dolores, then after with a girl called Laura, who is Andres's sister.

Maxi is portrayed by Facundo Gambandé.



Laura (Ex Crush)

Dolores (Ex Crush)


Maxi is a kind and loyal person. He is friendly and knows how to be best friends as well. He doesn't have luck with girls, but he can always count on the help of friends. At the end of the series, he falling in love with Naty and at all costs, he wants to snatch it from the clutches of Ludmila.


Camila Torres



Violetta Castillo


  • He's the best dancer of Studio 21.
  • His best friends are Camila and Francesca.
  • His first love interest in the series was Dolores, a girl that Maxi met but she has a boyfriend.
  • He love dance.
  • He's a good rapper.
  • His first true love interest is Naty.
  • He always wears a cap.
  • He is the youngest of Violetta Castillo's friends.