Template:InfoboxCast Pablo Espinosa Doncel (born March 10, 1992) is a Spanish actor and singer. Two of his principal roles as the main character were held on La Pola and Violetta.

Life and Career CareerEdit

His debut started in 2007, with the TV Show Física o Química, where he portrayed the role of Pablo Calleja.

Later on, he started his international career in Colombia, with his first main role in La Pola, directed by Sergio Cabrera.

His latest project was on the Disney Channel TV Show Violetta, where he portrayed Tomas Heredia, one of the main characters from the TV Show.

It is said that Pablo is preparing his debut album, yet is unknown.

Pablo loves practicing many sports. He has played soccer, basketball, and he also practices skating, fencing and horse-riding.

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